Nurture with Love, Serve with Hope


What to Expect


people are real, just like you, experiencing the same joys and struggles of life. We also offer a worship service at 7PM on Wednesdays.  These half-hour services have a laid-back feel but at the same time are reverent and meaningful.


We understand that visiting a new church can be an intimidating experience. At Bethany, we have made every effort to make your time with us as welcoming as possible.  And you don't need to give a second thought to what you are wearing.  Come as you are!  We are much more interested in you and your real life needs than what you are wearing.

Proclaiming God's Message of Hope

Special Services 

Sunday Services










Wednesday Services  


Weddings & Baptisms 

Whether it’s your first, second or even fifth child, we are excited to offer God’s gift of Holy Baptism.  Baptism is an important sacrament and our goal is to encourage, inspire, and partner with you in your child’s faith journey.  For more information and to schedule a baptism, call the church office.   Adults who desire to be baptized can talk with the pastor to learn about this Sacramental gift from God.


Bethany is pleased to host weddings for members and non-members. Couples are encouraged to consult with the pastor at least four months, preferably six months, prior to the date for the wedding. Please call or email the office for more information about arrangements, schedules, and costs.

Worship at Bethany Lutheran Church is about focusing on God and spending time in God’s presence.  At our Sunday services, we use a variety of music styles including traditional, contemporary, Gospel, and classical. The teaching and preaching is relevant and applicable to your everyday life.  And the

Rooted in tradition but with a creative flair, Bethany celebrates special days, events and seasons.  In recent years, we have taken worship outdoors into God’s sanctuary with Worship Walks in local natural areas or for Bonfire Worship on Bethany’s back lawn. During the pandemic, here is a Worship Walk you can do on your own or with your family.